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creative approach.
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Creative financing is at the core of what we do, allowing us to achieve conventional results in an unconventional way. Our team’s diverse background gives us a wide-eyed perspective that our investors value and trust.

We don’t target safe industries or safe markets – we target safe plays with the promise of predictable returns. Our principals’ many-varied backgrounds results in a fund that is fast moving, fast acting and unburdened by the red tape that plagues traditional financing.

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Investment Strategy
We keep our
finger on the pulse
of innovation.

Over the 20+ years of working in finance, real estate and public markets, we have leveraged our collective experience to hyper-develop and hone our investment strategy. Having individual experts in finance, securities and technology gives our team unparalleled industry insight, allowing us to identify alternative approaches to investing that achieve extraordinary returns.

Our minimum investment amount is $2M with the expectation of follow-up investments based on performance. Our portfolio is largely focused in asset-backed finance, technology, medical and entertainment, but we continuously keep our finger on the pulse of innovation across all sectors.

Deal Structures
Well-focused diversity
of investments.
Tailor-made opportunities
for every investor.

We offer a wide range of investment opportunities to suit your goals, objectives, targets and exit. Our strategies vary to suit your degree of risk or expectation of returns. Click to learn more about our deals and what works for you, so your investment can work for itself.

Asset-Backed Finance
Private Investment in Public Equities
Strategic Joint Venture Partnerships
Peah Tech
We invest in
businesses and provide
technology that drives
unprecedented growth.

We specialize in identifying and investing in innovative businesses where we can add operational value. Where most funds only offer capital, we implement teams that accelerate growth. We leverage our industry knowledge to give our portfolio companies the capital they need fast, along with access to our highly skilled in-house researchers, strategists, creatives, graphic designers, programmers, and developers. Our deals span a wide range of industries that we intimately understand, can confidently grow, and profitably exit from.

Revolutionizing real estate configuration.
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Beepr Health
Delivering healthcare to your doorstep.
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Watch the game, play the game, win the game.
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